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TDT Scented Sensuous Smells, Paraffin Wax Candles Set


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CN191 Spiritual Fantasy Candle, 1pcs
We live in an urban jungle, and to make life simpler and wholesome, light a fruity Pomegranate and Cassis candle nestled in an aesthetic concrete holder. Distressed grey effect transforms the dull city jungle into a plush wood thick with tall trees.

CN193 Golden Lining Candle, 1pcs
The golden lining is the horizon that brings the sky and the sea together during the few seconds of a sunset. Watch nature’s beauty in the company of a Silver Rain fragrance often associated with unforeseen showe in the spring. Take a deep breath and bask in the aroma of surprise, a cool, earthy mix of water and soil.

CN195 Gold foilage Candle, 1pcs
A concrete candle stand hides the fossil of a parched golden leaf. The smooth finishing rounds the vessel, an artist’s imagination of a fine artwork. This comes with a White Tea candle to remind you of moist dew drops,

Material: Concrete Container with wax filling

Origin: Made in China

Packaging: sent out in our Signature Gift Box

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