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TDT Scented Wick Pick, Paraffin Wax Candles Set


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CN192 Dewdrop Dimensions Candle, 1 Piece
Aztec lines criss-cross across a smooth grey wax container, creating majestic golden lines. The cave-in holds a Honeydew Hibiscus flavoured candle. The light of the flame is a stark similarity with the golden streaks creating a piece of art. The sweetness of Honeydew, and citrusy flower flavou will entice your aura into a deep relaxation .

CN193 Golden Lining Candle, 1 Piece
The golden lining is the horizon that brings the sky and the sea together during the few seconds of a sunset. Watch nature’s beauty in the company of a Silver Rain fragrance often associated with unforeseen showe in the spring. Take a deep breath and bask in the aroma of surprise, a cool, earthy mix of water and soil.

CN194 Fragrant rays Candle, 1 Piece
In a magical forest, the river flows without hindrance, the trees touch the sky and flowe of paradise are in full bloom. The rays that fall on the ground like sharp needles have their own sweet aroma. The minty and sweet basil flower candle nestled in the candle holder brings you the scent of the forest wrapping you in fragrant rays.

Material: Concrete Container with wax filling

Origin:  Made in China

Packaging: sent out in our Signature Gift Box

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