Dear Mom, I love you


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She is hands-down the most caring human, the one who loves us a little more than anyone but a little less than her teaware. Brew some love with the savory sencha green tea and Bi Luo Chun tea that uplifts her mood and refreshes her mind. Pour them into the bold and bright yellow mug with the silver rain aroma of the golden lining candle and tell her how much you love her. Elegantly packed in a beautiful care box to spoil your mom with a gift full of love, add a personalized note to express your love - Send us a note and we will fix it for you.

Sample Pack Specification

GT03 Sencha, 50g 
A sun-grown low caffeine tea that is rich in taste to rejuvenate your mood.

GT29 Bi Luo Chun, 50g
A strong, authentic flavor nourished in the mountain air that leaves a refreshing experience. 

CN193 Golden Lining Candle, 1 Pcs 
A silver rain fragrance with a surprising whiff of earthy soil and water mix treasured in a concrete container.

MU18 Bold & Bright Yellow Mug (500ml) with Designer Golden Handle, 1 Pcs 
A designer golden handle yellow mug to wrap your hands around while you sip on the ecstatic blends

Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : (2 - PKG02 ) + ( Gift Box - GB26 ) + ( Tea - GT03 + GT29 ) + (Mug - MU18) + (Candle - CN193)