Eastern Beauty Taiwanese Oolong Loose Leaf Tea Tin, 100 g

Oolong Tea Beauty care


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Special Facts

Love can be bittersweet but in this case, the leafhoppers bite is a parting gift of a natural honey-flavour in the leaves. With no astringency nor bitterness, this tea can be compared to wine, for its woody and dry texture. This love song has honey notes, and is usually available as limited editions and exclusive collection, is likely to become the dearest collection of your tea cellar.

Did you know?It is oxidised more than other Oolongs. Grasshopper-like bugs bite the leaves while they grow, causing a hormonal reaction that lends it honey undertones.

Multiple Infusions

We recommend re-steeping this tea up to 4 times using 3 grams of tea leaves for 150ml of water. 

100 grams = 133 cups of tea. 

This tea will last for multiple infusions throughout the day. One of the greatest advantages of drinking good quality loose-leaf tea is that each serving can be re-steeped many times.

Health Benefit
  • May Help Manage Stress
  • May Help You Loose Weight
  • May Help Prevent Diabetes
  • May Improve Heart Health
  • May Improve Brain Function
  • May Protect Against Certain Cancers
  • Promotes Tooth and Bone Strength
  • May Help Lower Cholesterol
Whole leaves Oolong Tea

Oolong tea, despite its caffeine content, it is still a relaxing drink. Oolong tea carries double the benefit of regular green tea or black tea, because it possesses the combined qualities of black tea and green tea. There are several kinds of tea in the world, but oolong tea is considered to be the most beneficial type of all teas. Oolong is a semi-green fermented tea, but the process is stopped as soon as the oolong tea leaves start to change their color. Due to Oolong teas semi-fermented process, is the reason why this tea is provides numerous polyphenolic compounds and adds even more valuable health benefits.

This Eastern Beauty Taiwanese Oolong is beautifully packaged in small Classic Sea Green Pastel TDT Tea Tin.
Brew using our Double Walled Borosilicate Blue Cap Glass Tea Infuser, 300ml.

Taste Notes
Honey and floral undertones
Best Time
Daylight to Twilight
Brewing Step 1
3 gms for 150 ml
Brewing Step 2
Water temperature75-80 degrees
Brewing Step 3
Enjoy the symphonyin every sip

Number of Brews

Brewing 1st brew 30 seconds
Brewing 2nd brew 30 seconds
Brewing 3rd brew 30 seconds
Brewing 4th brew 2 minutes