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Fit Tea Care Package


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The key to a healthy mind and body is not only staying active and eating right, but drinking tea too! Help your loved one stay on the path of success with as surprise sent to them. Did you know? It may be beneficial to drink green tea before a workout, as it helps the body to burn more fat during the 30 minute, working days!

Sample Pack Specification

  • 1 piece of our Decorative Vintage Porcelain Blue & White, Tea & Coffee Mug (320ml) – (MU08)
  • 1 piece of our Golden Lining Candle (CN193)
  • 25 grams of our Organic Smoky Green Tea (GT39) packed in our signature mini tin.
  • 25 grams of our Anji White Green Tea (GT47) packed in our signature mini tin.

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