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Four Mini Freelancer’s Perfect Partner Teas Gift Set, 4x25g


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A freelancer’s work goes beyond day and time. Give those sloggers some love in our quirky little box and watch them find inspiration in every sip.

Sample Pack Specification

  • For when you have just 30 minutes to chill: Indulge in our Classic Taiwanese Loose Leaf Oolong Tea which will help you sit back and relax while you find inspiration till the very last sip.
  • For when you need a luxurious treat: The Great Green Rooibos Tea Blend, an inexpensive luxurious caffeine free drink (you deserve to make you feel content/filled with goodness from South Africa)
  • For when you want to lower your stress level: The pleasing faint aroma and the earthy floral flavor of our Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea will leave you feeling calmer and more attentive.
  • For when you feel stuffed: Minty Yerba Mate Tea: an energizer from Argentina with good caffeine will keep you focused, while speeding up your digestion, making you feel lighter and unloaded

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