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Chinese Fujian White Old Shou Mei Brick Shape Tea (500gms)


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Created artisan farmers, designed into a brick. Fujian province, China.

Multiple Infusions
Don't throw away your tea after steeping it! One of the gretest advantage of drinking whole leaf tea is that each serving of leaves can be re-steeped many times.

This tea can be re-steeped 4 times. We recommend using 3 grams of this whole leaf tea for 150ml of water

500 gms - 666 cups

We recommend returning to any used tea leaves within the day.

Health Benefit
Good for anti-aging, Slimming, Anti-oxidants, skin detox.

Ingredients: Whole leaves White Tea

Origin: China

Taste Notes: Mellow, refreshing

Best Time: Daylight to Twilight

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