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Goodbye toxins


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Begin your 15-day teatox today, and feel the energy flow through your body as you sip these three exquisite teas in our bold and bright yellow mug. TDT's goodbye toxins box contains everything you need to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

TDT's Goodbye Toxins tea kit includes:

  • 1 box - 15 days of tea tox, 3 mini tea tins
  • 1 pc - Bold & Bright Yellow Mug (500ml) with Designer Golden Handle

15 days of teatox, includes these 3 teas:
Gold bud black tea:
This premium black tea regulates your cholesterol and enhances overall cardiovascular functionality. It also plays a prominent role in curtailing blood pressure and sugar levels.

Xiuning Songlou, Green tea:
This precious green gold is sweet flavoured and extremely healthy. It helps in enhancing digestion, reduces blood sugar, controls blood pressure, prevents tooth decay, and stimulates weight loss.

Natural Moringa Cleanse:
A mystical, caffeine-free herbal blend. Brew a cup at night to cleanse and calm your body. IT embellishes your gut health and improves your metabolism.

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