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Grandiose tea set


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Like a genie grants a wish, this borosilicate glass tea set will fulfill all your tea drinking desires. All you need is pour some hot water, put the whole leaves in the infuser, rub the teapot twice, and watch the leaves unfold the magic!

What's included?
TP10 - Genie's Lamp Tea Pot (500ml) - 1 Piece
TC05 - Optical Infusion Tea Cup (50ml) - 4 Pcs

Material: Borosilicate Glass.

Care: Gentle hand wash, not suitable for dishwasher or microwave

Size: Tea Pot - L-12.5 cm, H-18 cm. | Cup -L-8.5 cm, H-6 cm

Capacity: Tea Pot - 500ml | Tea Cup - 50m

Origin : Made in China

Packaging: Brown Box

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