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Black gift box that includes glass teapot with 2 cups and 2 small tins containing Green Tea.

Gift Set Specification
TP10 - Genie's Lamp Tea Pot, 500ml Qty: 1
Borosilicate glass teapot with spout similar to Genie's Lamp, inbuilt glass filter and lid.

TC08 - Lake lustre Tea Cup, 90ml Qty: 2
Borosilicate glass tea cup.

Small Metal Tins, Qty: 2
Small TDT tins to preserve the aroma of your teas.

GT39 - Organic Smoky Green Tea, Qty: 25 gms
A cup of tea brimmed with intense charcoal, smoky notes and fruity undertones. To give you a whole new whole leaf experience, this charcoal goodness comes from the mystic mountains of Assam.

GT23 - Simao Green Tea, Qty: 25 gms
A tea cultivated skilfully by the farmers in the Simao mountains of Yunnan province to bring a delicious start to the day. Beholding the elgance of silver leaves with golden tips, brew a cup of this quintessential tea to experience a full-bodied smoky taste.

Size: 32.5*34*15.5 cm

Material: MDF core paper

Colour: Black

Package Contains
Gift Box : ( Tea Pot - TP10 ) + ( 2 Cup- TC08 ) + ( 2 Small Tin - PKG02 ) + ( GiftBox - GB19 )+ ( Tea - GT39+GT23 )

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