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They say that deeds speak louder than words, so show them how much you appreciate them with this care gift. This lovely care package will provide your loved ones comfort and express your message that you are always there for them through thick and thin.

Sample Pack Specification

BLD111 Minty Yerba Mate, 25g

A minty refreshing blend with a decent amount of caffeine to power your 3 am rants and conversations. 

Our minty yerba mate is extremely good for digestion, helps to increase focus, and is packed with multiple vitamins and antioxidants.

JT02 Chinese jasmine tea - argent, 25g

To bring the relaxing scent of jasmine into your cup, delicate jasmine blossoms are placed over loose leaf teas. A cup that provides peace to the one who brings you peace.

MU14 Don't Stress You Flawless, Bone China Grey Marble Finish Mug (300ml), 1 Piece

Tell your favourite human to not stress, for they are flawless and you have always got their back with TDT’s classic marble finish mug that reads Don’t stress you flawless.

MU13 Good Morning Gorgeous, Bone China Pink Marble Finish Mug (300ml), 1 Piece

Your gorgeous friend needs a sweet morning. Make their mornings happy and positive with our classic bone china marble finish cup that reads Good morning Gorgeous.

CN193 Golden Lining Candle, 1 Piece

Radiance with a whiff of nature that helps them wind down the stress and feel at ease.

Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : (2 - PKG02 ) + ( Gift Box - GB26 ) + ( Tea - ST43-BLD111 + ST46-JT02 ) + (Mug - MU13 + MU14) + (Candle - CN193)