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Organic Black Jasmine Tea 


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Infusing your cup is a natural feel-good brew paired with the most magical jasmine flavours, patiently and skilfully over 5 repetitions. This slow-grown black tea is grown at high elevations attaining a strong and brisk character beautifully balanced with a delicate floral finish.

What makes it great
Believed to have been introduced into China from Persia through India, during the Han Dynasty, this tea has come a long way to bring a sense of calm to you. Interlaced with fresh Jasmine blooms, this subtly sweet and highly fragrant Jasmine black tea revitalizes your focus with a sips of calming tea liquor.

Taste and Aroma Notes
Light caramel notes with a mouthfeel of wild honey sweetness with jasmine-y undertones.

Multiple Infusions
Don't throw away your tea after steeping it! One of the greatest advantage of drinking whole leaf tea is that each serving of leaves can be re-steeped many times.
This tea can be re-steeped 3 times. We recommend using 3 grams of this whole leaf tea for 150ml of water

50 gms= 50 cups of tea

We recommend returning to any used tea leaves within the day.

Ingredients: Whole leaves Jasmine Tea

Origin: India

Best Time: Anytime

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