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Here's a thoughtful reminder of your care for them and what better way to express than with 3 soulful teas and a lovely pastel green mug. They'll never go back to their old mug as this resourceful gift comes with a strainer mug, made to love. Fill their evenings with hugs and laughter wrapped with this refreshing tea-gift!

This gift set includes -
(A) 15 gms Organic Deccan Green Tea,
(B) 15 gms Yunnan Green Tea,
(C) 15 gms of Natural Moringa Cleanse,
(D) 1 pc of our Pastel Green & Gold Bone China Tea & Coffee Mug with Infuser & Lid, 350 ml
(E) All products are packed in a beautiful Tea Care package gifting box

Sample Pack Specification

GT10 - Organic Deccan,15g
Refined through 25 different steps, Chun Mee tea leaves are delicately hand-rolled to create their full-bodied essence.

GT22 - Yunnan Green Tea, 15g
A light, refined green tea grown in the Yunnan province, home to the world’s oldest tea trees.

BLD42 - Natural Moringa Cleanse, 15g
Moringa also known as a miracle plant or nature's gift, plant thanks to health benefits its packed with. 

MU29 - Pastel Green & Gold Bone China Tea & Coffee Mug, with Infuser & Lid (350ml), 1Pcs
This elegant pastel green and gold bone china mug comes with a stainless steel extra-fine infuser and lid.

Package Contains Gift Box : (1 - PKG42 + PKG43 + PKG47) + ( Gift Box - GB26 ) + ( Tea - GT10 + GT22 + BLD42 ) + (Mug - MU29)