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Pristine Panache

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An artisanal Blooming Teas gift for a loved one to enjoy a lovely floral spectacle! The yellowish red and mahogany tints of 3 vibrant Marigolds in the Marigold Medley Blooming Tea is a wonder in itself. Breathtaking fragrances and flavours of 8 Jasmines and 1 Lily take you in for a serene therapy when the Jasmine Bouquet Tea blooms in your tea. Masterfully tied together with green tea leaves, the Jasmine Amaranth Affair Blooming tea witnesses 4 jasmines + 1 Gomphrena globosa as they hold your attention with signature spring essence!

This gift set includes -
(A) 10 pcs of our 'Marigold Medley' Blooming Tea,
(B) 10 pcs of our 'The Jasmine Bouquet' Blooming Tea,
(C) 10 pcs of our 'Jasmine Amaranth Affair' Blooming Tea
(D) All products are packed in a beautiful Tea Care package gifting box

Gift Set Specification
TBL14 Marigold Medley Blooming Tea, 10pcs
Woven with 3 vibrant Marigolds, this blooming tea effectively improves your mood with brilliant sight and flavour.

TBL05 The Jasmine Bouquet Blooming Tea, 10pcs
Woven with 1 Lily and 8 Jasmine flowers, the breathtaking fragrances of this blooming tea heal and uplift your mind.

TBL16 Jasmine Amaranth affair Blooming Tea, 10pcs
Woven with 4 Jasmine and 1 Globe Amaranth flowers, this blooming tea holds your attention with its signature spring essence.

Size : 38*20*10.5 cm
Material: Medium Density Fibreboard
Colour: Black

Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : (3 - PKG03 ) + ( Gift Box - GB04 ) + ( Tea - TBL05 + TBL14 + TBL16 )

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