Prosperous Infusions Diwali Gift Box

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What better gift than good vibes and prosperity? And what better way to spread them than with carefully plucked tea leaves? Gift this box of prosperous infusions of Green and Black Tea to your family and friends and let celebrations erupt like fireworks this Diwali.

Sample Pack Specification

BT10 Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe Op 1 Ceylon Black Tea 

Qty - 50 gms

An intense woody taste and strong aroma of carefully handpicked tea leaves will give you a comforting sensation.

BT11 Shri Lankan FBOP Ceylon Black Tea

Qty - 50gms

If any tea that could bring in a sense of belongingness, then it is this one! Best known for its intense flavour and colour, the Sri Lankan Ceylon Black Tea has a massive fan following.

GT10 - Chunmee Green Tea

Qty - 50gms

A sweet fragrance conceived by well-manicured, hand-rolled and curled whole leaf Green tea. This yellowish green tea is known for its vegetal notes that come from the rustic ruins of Huangshan Mountain.  

GT22 - Yunnan Green Tea

 Qty - 50gms

Refined in taste, robust and long, Yunnan Green Tea, as the name suggests, originates from the Yunnan province, is known for its taste and is preferred by most Green tea lovers.

30*30*10.5 cm
Medium Density Fibreboard
Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : Gift Box : (4 small Tin - PKG02 ) + (Gift Box - GB03 ) + (Tea - GT10 + BT10 + BT11 + GT22)