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Queen's Bijoux Cutlery Set (Single Set)


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When gold was the standard fare at the dining table, this is what your cutlery set looked like. A five-piece cutlery set, stain polished to give you that classic gold look is what your dining table has been waiting for, especially when you’ve cooked to impress your guests.

Material: Stainless steel. Hand Painted Real Gold Finish.

Care: Gentle hand wash, not suitable for dishwasher or microwave

Size: Steak knife: L-222 mm, W-8 mm ; Dinner spoon: L-217 mm, W-7 mm; Dinner fork: L-223 mm, W-7.2 mm; Tea Spoon: L-131 mm-W4.5mm; Dessert Spoon: L-181 mm, W-6 mm

Origin: China

Packaging: Brown Box

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