Rare Green Teas

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In this sampler pack, are included some of our rarest green teas. From white bud teas to competition grade Gyokuro tea, explore which one is your type as you try this precious sampler set with 4 unique samples. When you want it all, sampler tea packs are the way to go. Order a sample pack as a part of a tea gift basket or for yourself, and then feel free to try all of our premium flavours to find your favourite!

Includes 4 Tea Sampler Packs

Sample Pack Specification

GT47 Anji White, 10g

A legendary green tea with jade white leaves, that comes with a rich herbaceous flavour and a smooth mouthfeel.

GT43 Jiulongshan High Mountain, 10g

Its aesthetically hand-folded, dark-green leaves emanate mild, floral hints of honey that refresh you with every sip.

GT51 Organic Gyokuro Competition Grade, 10g 

A rare shaded Japanese tea, grown with intensive expertise, it offers a naturally fragrant and creamy flavour with healing, anti-aging properties.

GT26 Silverneedle Bud, 10g

Exuding silky, feathery softness, this tea offers a translucent and earthy aroma with a creamy taste, great to savour after meals.