Set of 7 Green Teas

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Explore the widest range of green tea samples with this pack. Some grown on high mountains while some made with 25 different processing steps. Find which one is your type as you try this sampler set with 7 unique samples. When you want it all, sampler tea packs are the way to go. Order a sample pack as a part of a tea gift basket or for yourself, and then feel free to try all of our premium flavours to find your favourite!

Includes 7 Tea Sampler Packs

Sample Pack Specification

GT31 Chaoquing, 10g

A slow-grown tea, this vegetal brew consists of higher nutrition and a characteristic spicy flavor and aroma that hums throughout the cup.

GT29 Bi Luo Chun, 10g

Growing alongside fruit trees, this refreshing tea is full with awakening fruity aromas that offer your senses with wholesome and nourishing care.

GT23 Simao, 10g

The delicate, thin strands of this tea are complete with enchanting honey and caramel smoky notes that gently detoxify your body.

GT10 Chun Mee, 10g

Embrace the mesmerizing and full-bodied essence of this tea refined through 25 different steps, to attain its provocative plum-like aftertaste.

GT12 Huang Shan Mao Feng, 10g

Enjoy the fresh and mellow floral aftertaste of this finely hand-rolled tea with young, furry leaves grown on misty, high mountains.

GT41 Dooars, 10g

This dark green tea relaxes you with gentle waves of bright velvety liquor with hints of refreshing astringency

GT22 Yunnan, 10g

The highest quality of taste profile, and smooth accurate astringency makes this ancient tea great for multiple infusions.