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Six Mini Favorite Japanese Green Teas, 6x25g


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TDT’s Mini tin taster pack is for those who enjoy authentic cup of Japanese green tea, this appealing set includes six of our best Japanese green teas:

Sample Pack Specification

  • 25g of Japanese Konacha Looose Leaf Green tea
  • 25g of Organic Japanese Sencha – Argent Loose Leaf Green tea
  • 25g of Japanese Houjicha Loose Leaf Green Tea
  • 25g of Japanese Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea
  • 25g of Japanese Gyokuro Loose Leaf Green Tea
  • 25g of Japanee Kukicha Loose Leaf Green Tea

Each of the teas is packed individually in our Mini Tin. Each tin of loose-leaf tea has a different taste note. So find your favorite and start the #healthyaddition trend with us!

Remember! One of the greatest advantages of drinking whole leaf tea is that each serving of leaves can be re-steeped many times.

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