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You will fall in love with all the Japanese green teas in this sampler pack. The Japanese follow steaming methods to prepare their whole-leaf teas; this enhances the layered taste notes of these plants. Explore which one is your type as you try this sampler set with 4 unique samples. When you want it all, sampler tea packs are the way to go. Order a sample pack as a part of a tea gift basket or for yourself, and then feel free to try all of our premium flavours to find your favourite!

Includes 4 Tea Sampler Packs

Sample Pack Specification

GT03 Sencha, 10g

Uplift your senses with the mild aromas of this famous tea that offers deep vegetal flavours and refreshing full-bodied buttery taste notes.

GT06 Gyokuro, 10g

This shaded bright green Japanese tea, yields a rare and expensive brew brimming with nutty fragrances and an elegant sweet character.

GT57 Konacha, 10g

An effortless sip, this finely powdered tea is composed of Sencha and Gyokuro leaves, offering a light breezy and full-bodied taste profile.

GT59 Organic Sencha, 10g

Showcasing sweet and mellow notes, Sencha speaks of a harmonized smooth flavour and refreshing lightness that can be enjoyed hot, or as an iced-tea.