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Stirring Theory Tea Pot, 430ml.


Rs.1,489.00 Rs.2,800.00

Borosilicate glass tea pot with crescent shaped handle, inbuilt glass filter and lid. Watch your tea leaves metamorphose into the perfect brew in this transparent borosilicate glass teapot. Everything about this piece from the crescent shaped handle, to the glass-kNot Safebbed lid, the luxurious sweep of the spout spells love. Love that went into the making and love that will encompass you when you use it.

Material: Borosilicate Glass.

Care: Gentle hand wash, not suitable for dishwasher or microwave

Size: L-17.5 cm, H -9 cm.

Capacity: 430 ml

Origin - Made in China

Packaging: TDT Box.

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