Stunning Pink & White Porcelain High Tea Party Set - V


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Hosting a high tea is a fun way to enjoy delicious treats and teas while & pink catching up with your friends, girlfriends, family and partners. You don’t need to go to an expensive high tea- hosting a high tea at home lets you add your own special touch to the event. And let’s face it- who doesn’t love to organize a party?

To help you host the perfect high tea at home, we’ve created a list of our stunning crockery you would require. This stunning all porcelain tea party set includes:

  • 4 Pink cup and saucers, 180 ml each, material: porcelain.
  • 1 Pink Tea Pot, 700 ml, material: porcelain.
  • 1 White sugar holder, material: porcelain.size : 10*10*9.9 cm.
  • 1 White porcelain spoon, material: porcelain.
  • 1 White milk pot, 150 ml, material: porcelain.size : 11*9.3*7.8 cm.
  • 2 Layer high tea stand, plate size 10.5*7.5 cm, material: porcelain.

Set your high tea party in your home or office and fill your table with flowers and other natural elements. Make your friends wear their brightest or most floral outfit.

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