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Sushine Bella

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A rich and tasteful gift curated for the evolved tea palate with 3 distinguished blends. Chaoquing green tea is grown on small farmlands near cold mountainous regions and hand-kneaded to create its refreshing and nutty flavours. Our Organic Smoky Green tea is a delicious Indian green tea flaunting an unusual character and taste with plenty healing benefits, while the goodness of Yunnan green tea grown in mild, humid mountains offers a full-bodied flavour that is a soothing brew.

This gift set includes -
(A) 100 gms of Chaoquing Green Tea,
(B) 75 gms of Organic Smoky Green Tea,
(C) 50 gms of Yunnan Green Tea
(D) All products are packed in a beautiful Tea Care package gifting box

Gift Set Specification
GT31 Chaoquing, 100g
A delicately hand-roasted tea that offers a distinguished toasty and spicy aftertaste.

GT39 Organic Smoky, 75g
Unlock the smoky goodness of charcoal flavours hidden in this hand-twisted green tea.

GT22 Yunnan, 50g
A light, refined green tea grown in the Yunnan province, home to the world’s oldest tea trees.

Size: 38*20*10.5 cm

Material: Medium Density Fibreboard

Colour: Black

Package Contains
Gift Box : (3 - PKG03 ) + ( Gift Box - GB04 ) + ( Tea - GT39 + GT22 + GT31 )

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