Sweet Gestures Diwali Care Package


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Wish them an aromatic, lively and happier Diwali with this complete package of festive sanctity. A care package that’ll bring them immense joy is a gift box worth sharing!

Sample Pack Specification

BT10 Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe Op 1 Ceylon Black Tea

Qty - 50 gms

An intense woody taste and strong aroma of carefully handpicked tea leaves will give you a comforting sensation.

GT10 Chunmee Green Tea 

Qty - 50gms

A sweet fragrance conceived by well-manicured, hand-rolled and curled whole leaf Green tea. This yellowish green tea is known for its vegetal notes that come from the rustic ruins of Huangshan Mountain.

MU21 Bold & Bright Black Mug with Designer Golden Handle 

Qty - 1 Piece

Graced with uniqueness by a special Designer Golden Handle, this Bold and Bright Black Mug uses stoneware as a material and is a boastful of a capacity of 500 ml. It is an ideal gift for a tea lover and will definitely make their heart happy!

CN193 Golden Lining Candle 

Qty - 1 Piece

A fragrant explosion of silver rain from this Golden Lining Candle will traverse in every corner of their homes and leave behind aromatic trails of a cool, earthy mix evoking serenity and relaxation.