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The TDT Tea Maker has automated every step of the normally painstaking, loose-leaf-tea-brewing process, you will enjoy a perfect, remarkably rich, and satisfying, cup of tea as easily by pressing a button!

Brew it in 4 Simple Steps!

  • Fill tank with water.
  • Add any variety of tea – White, Green, Oolong& Black.
  • Turn it on so it can begin boiling the water.
  • Select one of the four preset modes.
  • Enjoy the symphony in every sip!
  • Back-lit LED 4 Pre-Programmed Brewing Settings

Refresh | Light | Medium | Strong

Carefully calibrated to automatically produce the same quality results, once only possible with constant monitoring.

TDT Tea Maker comes with Glass and Stainless Steel Brew Chamber + Carafe to ensure purity and to protect the teas natural flavors. The extra fine Stainless Steel Strainer traps even the smallest particles of tea.

Come pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Capacity: 800ml

Care: Gentle hand wash, not suitable for dishwasher or microwave

Size: 27*7.5*33 cm

Origin: Made in China

Packaging: Sent out in our Signature Gift Box

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