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The Cozy-Immunity Tea Kit


Rs.1,999.00 Rs.3,099.00

Nothing beats a warm cup of tea and the energy it provides. When you're feeling low on energy or weak on the inside, brew a tea from TDT's cozy immunity tea kit, pour it in the bold and bright purple mug, and watch yourself get a refreshing immunity and energy boost.

TDT’s The Cozy-Immunity tea kit Includes:
1 box - TDT’s Immunitea tea kit, 5 mini tea tins
1pc - Bold & Bright Pink Mug (500ml) with Designer Golden Handle

TDT’s Immunitea tea kit includes these 5 teas:

Secret Spice:
On the days when you have a sore throat, a warm cup of secret spice comes to save the day. Infused with the stress relieving ashwagandha, anti-infective ginger, and sweet digestion-friendly star anise. A good mix to curb down menstrual cramps, boosts energy, and enhances your overall immune system.

Spice It Up:
Infused together are cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, hot pepper, and cloves to enhance your digestive system, curb down cough and the common cold, and boost your immunity.

Houjicha, Green Tea:
A low caffeine toasty brew with a subtle taste of caramel and smoky aroma. A cup of this antioxidant-rich tea enhances your heart health, improves your dental health, and makes you resistant to diseases.

Organic Sencha, Green Tea:
This Vitamin C-rich platinum graded tea has a refreshing aroma and an incredible taste. A cup of organic sencha stimulates fat burning, boosts your energy, and helps fight cancer.

Organic Matcha, Japanese powdered green tea:
An Authentic Japanese green tea powder rich in nutrients and relaxing compounds like L-theanine, Matcha is infused with slightly higher amounts of caffeine as compared to other green teas. It calms you down by relieving your stress and improves your brain’s functionality.

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