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The perfect night cap


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TDT's perfect nightcap will help you unwind for the evening. A box containing three caffeine-free teas that act as a lullaby; pour them into the euphoric mug and let the symphony of sips bring you a good nights sleep.

TDT’s The Perfect Night Cap Includes

  • 1 box - Night-Night tea kit,3 mini tea tins
  • 1pc - Symphony in Every Sip, Bone China Blue Marble Finish Mug (300ml)

Nigh-Night tea kit, includes these 3 teas:
All-rounder tea blend:
The name speaks for itself. A blend packed with herbs that brings you peace and dreamy sleep. Brew a warm cup and sleep well all around the night.

Soothsayer's Chant Tea Blend:
It helps to unclog your muscles and helps you to relax, it is also good for the nervous system. Let a cup of Soothsayer chant a lullaby as it transits you to the lands of the dream.

Organic Red Rooibos Loose Leaf Herbal Tea:
As pleasant as it tastes, rooibos is extensively known for its sedative nature that imprints a soothing effect. Brew the organic red rooibos tea and experience the serene as you drift into a pleasant sleep.

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