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The Superhero Mom, Giftbox

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To the unstoppable yet gentle, to the fierce yet kind, and to the fearless yet full of love, you’re always the perfect blend.

TDT Collection is not just limited to a day but a constant reminder of how amazing you are – inside out!

There’s nothing that a Mom’s love can’t fix. And for everything else, there’s always a tea!

The Superhero Mom! Giftbox includes

  • Yunnan Green Tea, 50g
  • Dragonwell Green Tea, 50g
  • Boss Lady, New Bone China Mug, 1pc
  • Boss Mom Mug, 1pc

Package Contains

Gift Box : (2 - PKG02 ) + ( Gift Box - GB26) + ( Tea - GT01 + GT22 ) + (Mug - MU55 + MU56)

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