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Three Mini Artisan White Teas, 3x15g


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If you are new to White tea or just want to try them we now have our three mini artisans white teas sample tin pack to introduce you to our collection of fine loose-leaf white tea. This white tea sample pack will create an appreciation for the new found white tea love and will also help you discover your favorite one.

Sample Pack Specification

  • 15g of our Chinese White Silver Needle Bud – Or – delicately plucked by artisan farmers in china, this tea is the best that nature has to offer.
  • 15g of our Indian Organic White Bai Mudan – Platine, the thin air of high mountains in Darjeeling, spring and works of skillful artisan farmers comes together to present you with this white tea. Savour each sip carefully and treat your sense
  • 15g of our Indian Organic White Bai Mudan – Argent, brew yourself a cup of this rare white tea and transcend into a zen state. We’re sure this one wont disappoint.

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