Three Mini Most Aromatic Jasmine Teas, 3x25g



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If you are new to Jasmine tea or just want to try them we now have our Three Mini Most Aromatic Jasmine Teassample tin pack to introduce you to our collection of fine loose-leaf Jasmine tea. This Jasmine tea sample pack will help you create an appreciation for the new found Jasmine tea love and will also help you discover your favorite one.

    Sample Pack Specification

    25g of our Chinese Sanhua – Argent Jasmine Tea, this tea believes in kiss and tell, so be prepared for a bold aftertaste, a flamboyant character that is complex yet mesmerizing to decipher
    25g of our Chinese Jasmine Tea – Argent, take a sip of this jasmine tea and find a friend for life. An instant lift-me-up, this tea will become a companion; you revisit over the years, and find that nothing has changed.
    25g of our Indian Organic Jasmine Black Tea, the floral shyness of Jasmine blossoms and meets the bold and sweet presence of Darjeeling Black Tea. The two combines to form a third character, waiting to entice you with its newfound power.