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Three Mini Premium Gourmet Chinese Black Tea, 3x25g


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Black tea the most full-bodied of all the teas; expect rich and robust flavors, from China. Our Three Mini Premium Gourmet Chinese Black Teawill introduce you to our range of fine loose-leaf Chinese black tea collection. This sample black tea pack will make you create an appreciation for your new found black tea love and also help you find your favorite one.

Sample Pack Specification

  • 25g of our Chinese Yunnan Black Tea, known as Mocha of tea, thanks to its malty flavor and spicy notes. It boasts of spicy pepper notes and a faint honey finish in the closing act.
  • 25g of our Chinese Gold Bud Black Tea – Or, The golden yellow brew from Dian Lake is a premier gourmet cup of Chinese Black Tea from the Yunnan Province, China. The leaves are golden in color due to the special process followed by the artisan farmers.
  • 25g of our Chinese Diahong Golden Needle Long Bud – Platine Black Tea, often considered as a Gourmet black tea, this one is a favorite of the Chinese. It has a gentle and sweet aroma. Adding more charm to its glory are the numerous health benefits this tea is gifted with. Whoever said luxury cant be experienced every day!

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