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Three Mini Premium Oolong Teas, 3x25g


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If you are new to Oolong Tea or just want to try them we now have our three mini premium oolong teas sample tin pack to introduce you to our collection of fine loose-leaf oolong tea. This oolong tea sample pack will create an appreciation for the new found oolong tea love and will also help you discover your favorite one.

Sample Pack Specification

  • 25g of our The Tie Guan Yin Autumn Chinese Oolong Tea – naturally floral and delicately curled Oolong tea leaves from Fujian province


  • 25g of our Premium Taiwanese Oolong Tea – Argent – its cleansing properties will add a glow to your skin and a spring in your step.


  • 25g of our Tie Guan Yin – Or Chinese Oolong Tea – known as the ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’. Allow the Iron Goddess to grace you with her presence and be indebted for life.

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