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Three Mini Rare Chinese Red Black Tea, 3x25g


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Black tea the most full-bodied of all the teas; expect rich and robust flavors, from China. Our Three Mini Rare Chinese Red Black Tea will introduce you to our range of fine loose-leaf Chinese red black tea collection. This sample black tea pack will make you create an appreciation for your new found black tea love and also help you find your favorite one.

Sample Pack Specification

  • 25g of our Chinese Gong Fu Red – Argent Black Tea, don’t let their stunning red color deceive you, this tea has better than the best that black tea can offer.
  • 25g of our Chinese Gong Fu Red – Or Black Tea, the term Gongfu refers to “highest level of experience or skills” by tea masters. This black tea is worked on by artisan farmers for hours to give these tea leaves, a natural red color.
  • 25g of our Chinese Red Leaf – Platine Black Tea, this rare collection of red leaf tea from Sichuan flourishes in the tea garden of Ya An Mendging mountain, set 1,000 meters above sea level.

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