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Three Mini White Silver Needle Bud Teas, 3x15g


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With an increase in demand for white silver needle tea, we are now offering our white silver needle bud tea sampler pack to introduce newcomers to our range of fine loose-leaf white tea collection. This white tea sample pack will create an appreciation for the new found white silver needle bud tea love and will also help you discover your favorite one.

Sample Pack Specification

  • 15g of our Organic White Silver Needle Buds – Platine, these silver needles, are the young, top buds from the highest peaks of Darjeeling, plucked when the winter wakes way for the spring. A kiss of this white tea will swirl you into its sublime song that sings sweet tunes of muscatel.
  • 15g of our Chinese Fujian White Silver Needle Big Bud – Or, grown in the Fujian mountain, China, these handcrafted buds of Silver Needle flaunt silvery needle-like hair. Rich in anti-oxidants, this tea has a plethora of health benefits to offer.
  • 15g of our Chinese Fujian White Silver Needle Small Bud – Flatine. These handcrafted young buds are plucked on the same day as they are grown.

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