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Tie Guan Yin, 100g



Originated in the 19th Century, this oolong tea grows amidst misty high mountains, carefully enveloping their brisk whiffs and mellow herbal aromas. Careful oxidation of the fresh green leaves and the balanced fruity profile of this tea is an enjoyable delight to any palate.

What makes it great
Also known as the ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’ following an ancient tale, Tie Guan Yin is a diversified tea with many popular varieties, each with its own gastronomic characteristics. Refining it with expert processing techniques, allows this complex tea to offer rich savoury fragrances, a true epitome of its flavourful character.

Taste and Aroma Notes
A mild vegetal aroma tingles the palate as herbal undernotes take over to create a satisfying and clean mouthfeel.

Multiple Infusions
We recommend re-steeping this tea up to 4 times using 3 grams of tea leaves for 150ml of water.

100 grams = 132 cups of tea.

This tea will last for multiple infusions throughout the day. One of the greatest advantages of drinking good quality loose-leaf tea is that each serving can be re-steeped many times.

Health Benefit
May Help Manage Stress
May Help You Loose Weight
May Help Prevent Diabetes
May Improve Heart Health
May Improve Brain Function
May Protect Against Certain Cancers
Promotes Tooth and Bone Strength
May Help Lower Cholesterol

Ingredients: Whole leaves Oolong Tea

Origin: China

Best Time: Daylight to Twilight

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