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Tummy tea

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Artificial flavors, spicy food, and changing lifestyles can upset your tummy. The solution lies in a healthy cup of magical teas that have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Tea helps to reduce acid refluxes, gastric problems and enhances overall tummy health. Packed in the Tummy Tea Kit are 5 amazing teas that will make you feel lighter and fresher.

Gift set Specification
WT01 - Chinese White Silver Needle Bud - Or, 15g
An elegantly energizing tea that was originally meant for the royals. The presence of antioxidants helps to soothe your gut & every sip delivers an exclusive experience.Relish a cup infused with the flavors of vanilla, hay, and apricot.

GT01 - Dragonwell, 15g
A brew that treasures history. A heavenly brew filled with toasty flavors, calming aroma, and a lasting aftertaste. Pour yourself a cup of dragon well and relax while it soothes your stomach and boosts digestion.

GT31, Chaoquing, 15g
A cup full of surprises. Brew a cup brimmed with nutritions, spicy taste notes, and an alluring aroma. It also helps to curb down ulcers, gastric problems, and indigestion, thus, ensuring a soothing experience for your tummy.

OT16, Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea, 15g
Nurtured with extreme care in the mystic mountains, it envelops misty whiffs and herbal aromas. Brew this majestic tea for a clean and fresh experience while it also enhances your metabolism, stimulates fat burn, and improves your gut health. A pack filled with benefits indeed.

BLD19 - Moroccan Mint, 15g
Amalgamated together in this blend are spearmint, peppermint, and ginger mint that relaxes our stomach muscles, helps fight nausea, reduces acid reflux, and is a good solution to gastric problems. Brew a cup of Moroccan mint to render an instant solution for your upset tummy.

Package Contains
Gift Box : (5 Small Tin - PKG40 + PKG42 + PKG43 + PKG44 + PKG49 ) + (Gift Box - GB36 ) + (Tea - GT01 + WT01 + GT31 + BLD19 + OT16)

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