Two Mini Indian & Japanese Green Teas, 2x25g



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TDTs Japanese & Indian green tea set is for those who want to experiment the taste of green teas from two different countries and find their pick:

  • 25g of Indian Dooars Loose Leaf Green Tea
  • 25g of Japanese Sencha – Bronze Loose Leaf Green Tea

Find your favorite Green Tea and start the #healthyaddition trend with us!

Remember! One of the greatest advantages of drinking whole leaf tea is that each serving of leaves can be re-steeped many times.

Sample Pack Specification

Indian Dooars Loose Leaf Green Tea 

Thought India is home to only Black Teas? Think again. Dooars is plucked from the fertile plains of Dooars, to the south of Himalayas. This dark Green Tea has the goodness of the soil of India and shows a strong influence of Assam.

Japanese Sencha - Bronze Loose Leaf Green Tea

These sun-kissed young leaves and buds are plucked and steamed. The delicate shoots of this Jade-Green tea lend a brisk taste with an overall mild sweetness balanced with strong herbal notes. Relish a cup of Sencha’s goodness everyday and make the most of its benefits.

Package Contains - (Mini Tins - PKG05) + (25 gms Teas - GT41 + GT03)