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Vibrant Hibiscus


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Know Your Tea
Thirsty for something refreshing? Dive into this all-natural delicious, caffeine-free blend with tangy Hibiscus, sweet star anise and spicy cloves herbal tea infusion that pave their way to soothe your throat. Let it slightly tickle you in the mouth, put a happy smile on your face, and add brightness to your day! Taste it yourself and find out more about our refreshingly healthful Vibrant Hibiscus Herbal Tea Blend.

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Fun Fact!

  • Hibiscus is most commonly known as the "shoe flower" because the flowers were traditionally used to polish shoes in Jamaica and some African countries.
  • The juice from the petals is used in China as shoe-blacking and mascara.

Multiple Infusions
Re-steep the leaves 3 times using 3 grams of it in 150ml of water
Return to any used tea leaves within the same day

100 gms= 100 cups, 150 gms = 150 cups

Health Benefit
1. Rich in antioxidants
2. Packed with Vitamin C
3. Good for joints
4. Aids digestion
5. Protects liver
6. Lowers blood pressure
7. Cholesterol.

Ingredients: Star Anise, Hibiscus, Cloves

Taste Notes: Sweetly sour with a hint of spice.

Best Time: Anytime

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