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We're a matcha made in heaven, complete set


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Steep yourself a cup of powerful Matcha with our Matcha accessories kit that comes with an Organic Matcha Green Tea - Argent, Cream Colour Ceramic Matcha Bowl, Traditional Matcha Bamboo Whisk, Green Ceramic Whisk Holder and Matcha Bamboo Spoon. Nothing defines power mornings more than this reliable kit.

What’s Included?
25 gms Organic Matcha Green Tea- Argent (GT53)
The smooth green Matcha powder grassy taste that wakes up the nostalgic smell of wet grass on a rainy day, brown mud slipping under your feet and fresh green trees after their annual shower. With the power of 10 green teas, it’s a perfect morning drink to keep you floating in a positive bubble all day. Keep calm and drink Matcha.

1 piece of Cream Colour Ceramic Matcha Bowl
matcha bowls it's own unique style. Do not be concern about the dips in the lip/rim for it is perfectly nomal for these matcha bowls

1 piece of Matcha Bambo Whisk
The Bamboo Whisk is the authentic traditional tool to prepare a perfect cup of matcha. This was the utensil used thousands of years ago during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Skillfully use the whisk in a zigzag motion until frothy.

1 piece of Green Ceramic Whisk Holder
The matcha whisk stand (Holder) made of exquisite ceramic,This stand protects the shape and integrity of the bamboo matcha whisk.

1 piece of Matcha Bamboo Spoon
The bamboo spoon is used to scoop powdered matcha tea from a container to a mixing bowl.
It's all an indispensable tools for tea ceremony.
Traditional quality meets modern simplicity, these sets make for a perfect gift.

Material: Ceramic and Bamboo
Care: Gentle hand wash, not suitable for dishwasher or microwave
Capacity: N/A
Origin : Made in China
Packaging: sent out in our Signature Gift Box

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