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Yoga Tea

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Healthier habits, Happier You! Tea and yoga combined together are creating wonders. Tea brewed from our Yoga Tea Kit, post-yoga relaxes your muscles, keeps the body hydrated, and boosts your energy for the hectic day ahead. Packed together in the Yoga tea kit are jasmine tea, green tea and a blend of white tea and lavender, a perfect addition to your yogic lifestyle. Tea and yoga together work miraculously for your mind, body, and soul.

Tea Kit Specification
JT01 – Chanxin Jasmine Tea , 15g
The essence of mesmerizing night-flowering jasmine blooms dissolve in this tea with the rare and pure green tea from the Chanxin regions creating the perfect balance between elegant fragrance and a lush green finish. Sweet successions of floral and golden honeysuckle emerge as this magical tea brews in only 15 seconds. The velvety touch of this tea is also a delicious accompaniment for your morning breakfast!

GT36 – Organic Xueji Chanxin Bud Green Tea, 15g
Dive in abundant inspiration and set the kettle brewing as you watch the tightly closed buds of Xueji Chanxin, stir in refreshing floral hues into your cup. This rewarding green tea takes off in your mouth with hints of fresh and cooling tinctures and a well-rounded edge. A lively floral taste accompanied as sweet and sublime aromas make their appearance throughout the cup.

BLD01 – White Lavender Paradise Tea Blend, 15g
Leave your stress behind by treating yourself to an exotic blend of white tea and lavendar, served hot or cold. Artisanally plucked bai mudan white tea leaves, blended with pure lavender buds and leaves are sure to give you a refreshing flavour to remember. A must try, whose health benefits you can't deny.

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