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You’re Be-You-teaful Mom Bundle

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You’ve always got it all even when you don’t have to. Here’s to the one who is burning up her ends to light up our world.

A collection for the most loving connection! The TDT Collection is our love language to all the mothers out there reminding them of how beautiful they are in everything they do and be.

The You're Be-You-teaful Mom! Bundle includes:

  • The Rare Green Rooibos Herbal Tea, 15g
  • Relaxing Lavender Rooibos Tea Blend, 15g
  • The Rooibos Moringa Chamomile Tea Blend, 15g
  • Boss Mom Mug, 1pc
  • Gold foilage Candle, 1pc

Package Contains
( Gift Box - GB40 ) + ( Tea - HT05 + BLD25 + BLD108 ) + (Mug - MU55) + (Candle - CN195)

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