Tea is usually associated with the Camellia sinensis plant which is known for green, black, oolong and other varieties of tea. But herbal tea may or may not utilize the leaves of the tea plant. It is mostly made from a variety of fresh or dried flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds and even the bark of herbal plants. The reason why some people prefer using herbal tea leaves is because it may not include caffeine as opposed to coffee and other types of teas.


    Herbal infusions have been used in various ways among many ancient civilizations. China is however attributed to be the source of origin for true tea and the preparation of tea infusions. Since medicinal plants and herbs were used extensively in ancient medications, it is common to find herbal infusions mentioned in several civilization including Greek, Chinese and Persian medications. Herbs were used not just for curing illnesses but also for relaxing the body and mind. The true origin of herbal tea leaves can be difficult to identify..


    Depending on the herbal tea flavouryou choose, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits from drinking herbal teas on a regular basis. Herbal tea benefits include:.

    Here are a few added health benefits herbal teas have to offer:
    1. Better immune system
    2. Lower oxidative stress
    3. Improved sleep cycles
    4. Maintained blood pressure
    5. Reduced inflammation
    6. Lower anxiety and relaxed mind

    There are many different types of herbal tea flavoursthat you can choose. A common way to categorize the different types of herbal tea leaves is by the effect they have on us.

    1. Stress-relieving herbal teas – Chamomile, basil, sage, passionflower 2. Immune boosting herbal teas – Echinacea, ginger, lemon, peppermint 3. Reducing oxidative stress – hibiscus, rose hip When you buy herbal tea online, you will be able to go through details about its health benefits and effects before you make the purchase. The herbal tea price will depend on the ingredients being used as well as the quality of the tea.

    Some of our specialities are: 

    TULSI HERBAL TEA Tulsi is an adaptogen herb, which has been recognized for its medicinal properties since centuries by our ancestors.It helpsto fight acne, Controls diabetes, Balances hormones, Improves respiratory disorders.The main ingredient is whole leaves Herbal Tea.

    PEPPERMINT HERBAL TEA Peppermint is a well-known medicinal herb known for its digestive, oral health and mood enhancing properties.It improves digestion, Cures bad breath, Aids weight loss, Eliminates inflammation and Balances sleep patterns. The main ingredient is whole leaves Herbal Tea


    Herbal tea leavesmay include one or more ingredients to increase the benefits offered by the tea and to make it flavoursome. Common ingredients in herbal teas are:.

    • Passionflower

    • Rosehip

    • Lemon

    • Holy basil

    • Hibiscus

    • Sage

    • Ginger

    • Peppermint

    • Chamomile

    Herbal tea recipe Boil a cupful of water. Add a spoonful of the herbal tea leaves of your choice and simmer the heat to low. Let it steep for about 3-4 minutes before you strain it into a cup. You herbal tea is ready. Based on the choice of herbal tea you may have to add honey or a sweetener to add flavour to your tea. Some herbal teas can be drunk hot while others can be cooled down to room temperature..

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