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Men in Black Tea Blend
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Men in Black Tea Blend

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    When the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant are plucked from the plant and go through heavy withering, rolling and eventual oxidization which is completed by firing the leaves to end the oxidization and dry the tea leaves for storage, it produces black tea leaves. The leaves turn black because they are completely oxidized unlike other types of tea where the leaves are partially oxidized or not oxidized at all.


    Black tea is known to have originated in China. While the exact details of the origin of tea are unclear, it is known that black tea was the first type of tea to have been introduced to the western regions. People immediately took a liking to the beverage and adventurers stole tea plants from China to introduce it to other countries in the world.


    Black tea benefits include:.

    Here are a few added health benefits black teas have to offer:
    1. The antioxidants present in black tea may help you fight oxidative stress helping your skin look younger.
    2. It expands air passages helping people to breathe comfortably. This makes it particularly good for asthmatic patients.
    3. It may improve heart health and reduce bad cholesterol.
    4. Black tea is considered to be helpful in treating intestinal disorders.

    If you buy black tea online, you will find these and various other types of teas available. Based on your taste preferences and the black tea prices, you can pick the most suitable one for you.

    Assam black tea– Assam produces black tea which is often used in most black tea blends around the world. It has a bold and malty flavour profile making it a good base for English breakfast tea.

    Darjeeling black tea – It is considered to be one of the best black teas in the world. Darjeeling black tea flavour is very sweet and floral. You do not need any milk or honey to enjoy this delicious tea.

    Nilgiri black tea – The Nilgiri tea plantations produce a fragrant, floral tea which can be served with or without milk.

    Ceylon black tea – Ceylon teas also have a bold and rich flavour profile which may have a chocolaty or spicy taste. They are often used as a base for Earl grey blends. It can be served with milk and sweeteners.

    Earl Grey – It is a types of flavoured black tea which is very popular in the West. It is usually flavoured with the essential oils from the bergamot fruit.

    Yunnan black tea – The Chinese province of Yunnan is famous for its Pu-erh tea. But it also produces some very delicious black tea. The black tea flavours of this region may include chocolaty and malty notes. An additional step in producing the black tea in this province is the partial fermentation of the leaves.

    Some of our specialities are


    It Promotes well-being of gastro-intestinal tract, Reduces fat and bad cholesterol, Promotes weight loss, Reduces hypertension and Rejuvenates skin. The main ingredient is whole leaves black tea


    It controls cholesterol andtoothdecay. It isgood for heart. It Fights nausea and aids weight loss. The main ingredient is whole leaves black tea.


    Black tea may include ingredients that enhance its original flavours or may make the tea more aromatic. Some commonly used ingredients in black tea blends are:

    If Spices to make Masala Cha.i

    Flower buds and petals like rose, chamomile, hibiscus.

    Leaves like mint and rosemary.

    Fruits like oranges, strawberries and even dried apples.

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