Chinese Emperor Huizong who belonged to the Song Dynasty is known to play a role in the introduction of white tea to the rest of the world. He would have the young tea buds plucked in spring time. These buds would be air-dried and ground into a beautiful white powder which was used to make tea for the emperor only.


    White tea goes through the least amount of processing when compared with other types of teas. This is why it has more antioxidants and nutrients as well. Some of the white tea benefits are:

    Here are a few added health benefits white teas have to offer:
    1. It is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce the signs of aging
    2. Helps in maintaining blood pressure
    3. Catechins in white tea reduce cholesterol
    4. It includes small amounts of fluoride that support gum and teeth health

    There white tea varieties that you can choose from are: • Silver needle – It is considered to be the finest type of white tea and gets its name from the look of the tea leaves which are white and shaped like pointed needles. It only uses the silver white buds which have white, downy hair. The silver needle has a very delicate flavour profile.

    • White peony - It is a blend of buds and leaves and is next to the silver needle in quality. White peony has a stronger taste than the silver needle.

    • Long life eyebrow – This is made out of the tea leaves left after sorting away the silver needle and white peony.

    • Tribute eyebrow–It is sourced from a specific tea bush and goes through a different oxidization process.

    • Monkey picked white tea – It is said that Buddhist-trained monkeys earlier harvested tea buds and leaves from some of the tea plants on the mountain tops. This is how it got its name.

    • Darjeeling white tea – Sourced from the tea plants in Darjeeling, the flavour profile of Darjeeling white tea is very different from that of the silver needle.


    White tea may include various additions to offer white tea flavours. Some common ingredients used in white tea blends are:

    • Jasmine • Rose • Grapefruit • Sweet pear

    White tea recipe -

    Just like green tea, white tea requires hot but not boiling water to make sure that the leaves can release the flavours and aroma of the tea. The quality of the white tea leaves will make a big difference in the taste. Whether you buy white tea online or from a physical store, make sure you pick high quality loose leaves.

    • Heat water to the point where it starts forming small bubbles but it does not reach boiling point.

    • Use two teaspoons of loose lead white tea leaves for every cup of water.

    • Place the leaves in the teapot and pour the hot water into it.

    • Let it steep for about 3 minutes and then check every 30 seconds for your taste preference.

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