China is known to be the country of origin for tea. What the rest of the world calls black tea is actually known as red tea in China because of the colour of the liquid being more red than black. But China’s Yunnan province does have its unique black tea which we call pu’er tea. What makes this tea different from the rest is the fact that the pu’er tea leaves goes through a special fermentation process unlike other teas. It is usually sold either pressed into a shape where the fermentation process continues to take place and the tea leaves mature with time; or it may be sold as a loose leaves looking like furry tea.


    Pu’er tea leaves are unique to the Yunnan province of China. Produced from the largest tea leaf type available in China, Pu’er tea doesn’t have a clear history or story of origin. It is known that the Chinese used darkened tea as a means of trade at the borders. This darkened tea known as hēichá and it is produced from an unoxidized type of green tea from the large-leaf variety of tea found in the Yunnan province. The unique fermentation is triggered by organisms which grow in the tea leaves and the usual oxidization process that tea leaves go through.


    Here are a few added health benefits pu’er teas have to offer:
    1. It has antibacterial properties which help you fight bacterial infections.
    2. Pu’er tea can help you detox and cleanse your body toxins
    3. Since it supports a health digestive system, the tea may improve digestion
    4. Many pu’er tea lovers feel that it has a soothing effect on the body and helps you improve your sleep quality

    Pu’er can be sold in two categories – raw or ripe. You can buy both types of pu’er tea online. While the raw tea goes through fermentation and maturation with time, the ripe pu’er tea leaves are already matured. Raw pu’er has a delightful earthy flavour while the flavours of ripe pu’er will differ based on the amount of time that the tea leaves have been matured. We have Pu’er tea bags, compressed shapes of pu’er tea as well as loose leaf pu’er based on your taste preferences. There are also a number of pu’er tea flavours which include floral blends like Chrysanthemum pu’er and Rose pu’er

    Some of our specialties are PHALAP PU'ER TEA Handmade by the Singpho tribe in Assam, roasted or pan fried leaves are stuffed into bamboo hollows and smoke dried over a period of 3 months. approximately 2,000 kg is produced annually. It aids digestion ,Promotes weight loss, Lowers cholesterol and Relieves stress. The main ingredient is whole leaves Pu'er Tea. ROSE PU'ER TEA (TABLET) It is grown in Mengku, 1500 meters above sea level and ages just like wine.It promotes anti-aging, Controls blood pressure and cholesterol, Burns fat and is Good for digestion,The main ingredient is whole leaves Pu'er Tea.


    Pu’er tea is mostly sold as pressed cakes or in its pure form. But for those who like to use tea blends, Pu’er tea also includes certain ingredients like rose, chrysanthemum and even a special kind of herb which gives the tea a unique rice flavour.

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