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Know Your Tea

A Persian inspired full-bodied Ceylon black tea blend, that perfectly compliments fresh spices like the aromatic cardamom and cloves. They deliciously come together to reward you with their aromatic romance and help boost your immunity and make you stronger. It’s the perfect way to start your morning!  

Fun Fact!

★  As early as 200 BC, envoys from Java to the Han-dynasty court of China brought cloves that were customarily held in the mouth to perfume the breath during audiences with the emperor.

★ The clove trade is mentioned by famous Arabian Nights characters such as Sinbad the Sailor, who are known to have bought and sold cloves from India.

Multiple Infusions

➔ Re-steep the leaves 2 times using 3 grams of it in 150ml of water  

➔ Return to any used tea leaves within the same day  

         75 gms = 51 cups, 150 gms= 102 cups


Health Benefit

1. Good for heart 

2. Lowers cholesterol 

3. Prevents nausea 

4. Clears common cold 

5. Aids digestion 

6. Protects liver 

7. Boosts immune system 

8. Good for oral health 

9. Good for skin.

Ceylon Black Tea, Cardamom, Cloves
Taste Notes
Strong and refreshingly spicy
Best Time
Daylight to Twlight
Brewing Step 1
3 gms for 150 ml
Brewing Step 2
Water temperature75-80 degrees
Brewing Step 3
Enjoy the symphonyin every sip

Number of Brews

Brewing 1st brew 1 minute
Brewing 2nd brew 3 minutes