Rooibos tea leaves are sourced from the Aspalathus linearis shrub which is a native plant of South Africa. With a sweet and delicate flavour, this tea is preferred by many people because of its potential health benefits and the fact that it is caffeine-free. It has been very popular in South Africa for a long time and is gradually gaining fame among tea lovers in other parts of the world as well. It can be made with or without milk based on your taste preferences.


    While South African natives have been using Rooibos tea leaves to make tea for generations, it was until the 1930s that commercial production of the tea took place. As a result, there are few people who have known about this tea until recently. The plant is endemic to a small part of the western coast of South Africa. It is said that the Dutch settlers in the Cape region used Rooibos as an alternative to tea which was highly priced at the time. The commercialization of Rooibos took place after Dr. Nortier started conducting experiments to find a way to commercially cultivate the Rooibos plant. Until then the local farmers did not cultivate the plant because they could not germinate the seeds. Today, Dr. Nortier is considered to be the Father of Rooibos tea.


    Some of the main Rooibos tea benefits stem from the antioxidants present in the tea leaves along with the fluoride and calcium.
    1. Improve heart health
    2. Regulates leptin levels in the body help you manage weight effectively
    3. Antioxidants in the tea fight free radicals making your skin look and feel younger
    4. It is a caffeine free beverage which makes it a good alternative to coffee or other types of caffeinated drinks.

    There are two types of rooibos tea – red and green. They are soured from the same plant, but go through different oxidization periods.

    Red Rooibos – The red rooibos tea leaves have a rich maroon color which results from the oxidization of the leaves. It has a flavour profile very similar to hibiscus tea and may even match the same coloration. Based on the extent of oxidization of the leaves, the red rooibos tea flavours can vary from smoky to sweet.

    Green Rooibos –Just like green tea, green rooibos tea leaves go through no oxidization at all. This gives the green rooibos a distinctive grassy flavour which is lighter and milder than the red rooibos.

    Some of our specialities are :

    ROOIBOS CAMARADERIE TEA BLEND Rooibos is a rare herbal tea, grown only in Western Cape Province in South Africa. It helps to reducehypertension, Premature aging andnausea.It improves cardio-vascular health , Detoxifies the body, Boosts immune system and aids weight loss.It can cure muscle pain.The main ingredients are Organic Rooibos, Peppermint and Ginger mint

    ROOIBOS RENDEZVOUS TEA BLEND This special tea is packed with anti-oxidants, Anti-aging properties. It is good for hypertension, Hair and eyes, It can prevent insomnia anddigestive issues. The main ingredients are Organic Rooibos, French Lavender buds and Yellow Chrysanthemum petals.

    ORGANIC GREEN ROOIBOS HERBAL TEA The tea is packed with anti-oxidants, Anti-aging properties, It improves cholesterol and reduces hypertension.


    If you buy rooibos tea online, you will notice the option to buy flavoured rooibos teas which included additional ingredients apart from the rooibos tea leaves. The most popular flavours are:

    Mint• Vanilla• Chamomile• Caramel• Tiramisu

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