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Bi Luo Chun, 100g


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Stirring soothing sensations, Bi Luo Chun tea plants are grown alongside fruit trees, giving the tea its famous fruity aroma. The fragrant whole leaves are watchfully roasted over high heat and folded individually to create a green-tea experience that invokes sweet nostalgia.

What makes it great
Owing to its electrifying aroma and curled leaves, Bi Luo Chun is aptly named as ‘Green Snail Spring’. Known for its deep green colour and characteristic fruity freshness; bask in the leisure of this tea, so delicate that to prepare one kilogram of Bi Luo Chun, about 14,000 to 15,000 tea shoots are used.

Taste and Aroma Notes
A soothing fruity taste from the inter-cropped fruit tree plantations is rounded by delicate floral
fragrances and a delightful sweet flavour.

Multiple Infusions
Don't throw away your tea after steeping it! One of the greatest advantage of drinking whole leaf tea is that each serving of leaves can be re-steeped many times.

This tea can be re-steeped 4 times. We recommend using 4 grams of this whole leaf tea for 150 ml of water

100 gms= 100 cups of tea

We recommend returning to any used tea leaves within the day.

Health Benefit
Good for cardiovascular health, Aids weight loss,, Digestion, Dental health, Improves bone density

Ingredients: Whole leave green tea

Origin: China

Best Time: Daylight

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