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Spring Organic Sencha, 100g


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Grown underneath blue skies, this organic green tea known as the first tea of the year, is plucked as the first flush harvest when Spring is just about to begin. Leaves pruned and plucked during this time sprout vigorously, with a rich Matcha-like flavour but in a light whole leaf form to be enjoyed hot or as a delicious iced-tea.

What makes it great
Spruce up your afternoons with this delicately hand-picked and deep steamed Sencha, engulfed with sunlight before harvest. The flavour profiles and welcoming aromas of hand-picked tea are more smooth and mellow than tea that is machine-trimmed. Find yourself on the other side of refreshment with a sun-kissed brew that imparts a vibrant, dark-emerald hue to your everyday cuppa.

Taste and Aroma notes
Luscious grassy aromas colour your insides with the deliciously woody and crisp flavour of this green tea that travels hand in hand with a refreshing, golden colour.

Multiple Infusions
This tea can be re-steeped 3 times. We recommend using 4 grams of this whole leaf tea for 150 ml of water

100 grams = 74 cups of tea

We recommend returning to any used tea leaves within the day.

Ingredients: Whole leave green tea

Origin: Japan

Best Time: Daylight to twilight

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